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Our Mission:

Relational Culture

We support inspired social movements and community leaders to foster a healthy, interdependent, relational culture of complex connection and inclusion.


Our Mission

Relational Uprising is a training and coaching institute that supports inspired activists and organizers engaged in frontline movement building to cultivate interdependent relational culture.

We believe it is time for a new era of social change work in which we bring an intentionally humanizing, relational culture to our lives, organizations and movements.

Our work presents a nuanced approach to issues of identity, intersectionality, and power using an embodied, relational practice of narrative and somatic movement.

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Our Programs

In our programs we dive together into unveiling the cultural forces that create separation from our own emotions, from the environment, and between communities and diverse cultures, leading to systems of oppression and the climate collapse we face today. These are the same forces that generate undermining attitudes and habits of competition, isolation and suspicion that can derail organizing efforts, break apart relationships, and fracture organizations and movements.

We use relational practices to intentionally reclaim our interdependence, engaging in supportive, radically inclusive ways, without shying away from the challenges of diversity, power, and trauma.


relational culture 1: bonding - WINTER 2018

This program explores the basic intentional practices of cultivating interdependence. We learn tools that allow us to feel whole and connected, and to foster a safe and trusting community in the midst of a complex and painful world. 

Relational Culture 2: EMBODYING - SUMMER 2019

This program explores the intentional practice of co-regulation trough developmental movement, supportive and accessible touch, and ecological principles. We dive deep into co-creating an embodied field of “body narratives” into a vibrant story of connection with the land.

relational culture 3: bridging - FALL 2019

This program explores the intentional practices that expand our capacity to include diversity and complexity, anticipating challenges which inevitably emerge from deep relationship. We learn practices for bridging disparities of power, access, and risk in our relationships.