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Our Mission:

Relational Culture

We support inspired social movements and community leaders to foster a resilient, interdependent, relational culture of complex connection and inclusion that aligns with the ecology.


Our Mission

Relational Uprising is a training and coaching institute with a mission to build interdependent, relational culture within communities working for social change. We work with frontline organizers from diverse movements, as well as with educators, facilitators, healers, young people, and community builders from all walks of life.

Our residential training series is designed to give teams a deep experience of a culture of connection, belonging, and inclusion.

We believe it is time for a new era of social change work in which we bring an intentionally humanizing, relational culture to our lives, organizations and movements.

Our work presents a nuanced approach to issues of identity, intersectionality, and power using an embodied, relational practice of narrative and somatics.

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Our Program

Many communities working for social justice face challenges in building strong relationships. Often we fall into grinding conflict, rupture, and pain despite striving to live by our values.

The reality is, it is challenging to build healthy community amidst a culture of oppression, isolation, and competition. We need to shift away from this culture, and toward renewed community connection. This is urgent. We believe we need to prioritize holding relationships at the center of our strategies for change.

In Relational Uprising, we use storytelling and somatics to cultivate that culture shift together. We see resilience as a community’s collective capacity to sustain this intentional culture.

Through our 3 part training series, Bonding, Embodying, and Bridging, participants learn tools and practices that build resilience at the ecological, cultural, community, and individual levels through three resources: Distributed Dependency, Sensitivity to Connection, and Sustained Inclusion.


relational culture 1: bonding - MAY 2019

This module explores the basic intentional practice of establishing a caring community to unveil and acknowledge our relational support systems in order to widen our experiential understanding of their influence in shaping the context and culture of our collaboration within our team. Through Resonance and Storytelling practice we learn to distribute the support of a caring community for all.

Relational Culture 2: EMBODYING - JULY 2019

This module explores the intentional practice of unveiling and acknowledging our bodily, nonverbal, ecological worlds of experiences that emerge in deep relation, away from ideologies of social dominance, mastery and competition that attack and repress our bodies and the earth in our collaborative work. Through Somatic Touch, Somatic Play and Somatic Ceremony practice we learn to sustain our sensitivity to connection to each other and the ecology.

relational culture 3: bridging - SEPTEMBER 2019

This module explores the intentional practice of unveiling and acknowledging the need to be influenced and changed by one another's diversity in sustained and complex ways to ensure equity in our collaborative work. Through Relational Inquiry & Resolution, and Bridging Legacy & Destiny practice we learn to sustain inclusion and access for all.