Relational Culture 1: Bonding Practice


This first module explores the basic intentional practice of establishing a caring community to unveil and acknowledge our relational support systems in order to widen our experiential understanding of their influence in shaping the context and culture of our collaboration within our team.

We learn practices for bonding and empathic communication that allow us to feel whole and connected, and to foster a safe and trusting community in the midst of a complex and painful world. Through Resonance and Storytelling practice we learn to distribute the support of a caring community and a culture of connection for all, in order to counter the dominant culture of isolation and self-sufficiency.

This training will prepare participants to teach and facilitate basic Resonance and Storytelling practice as a first step to spread relational culture within social justice communities, and to come to embody stories of connection in our lives, our bodies and our relationships.


Next Workshop DATES:

July 18th - 21st, 2019
Thursday 2 pm – Sunday 4pm


The Watershed Center
44 Kaye Road
Millerton, NY 12546



Deadline to apply June 2nd

We highly recommend you attend this trainings in teams from your organization, community or movement. We give first priority to applications done in teams.

Financial Support: 

If you’d like to apply for a scholarship, please apply to the training first, and then fill out this Scholarship Application.