Relational Culture 3: Bridging Practice


This third module explores the intentional practice of unveiling and acknowledging the need to be influenced and changed by one another's and other communities’ diversities in sustained and complex ways to ensure equity in our collaborative work. Through Relational Inquiry & Resolution, Bridging Legacy & Destiny, and Story of Us Now practice we learn to sustain inclusion and access for all, and to maintain a collective commitment to a culture of resilience that counteracts the culture of dominance and exclusion

We explore the intentional practices that expand our capacity to include diversity and complexity, anticipating challenges which inevitably emerge from deep relationship. We learn practices for bridging disparities of risk, access, and power in our relationships.

This creates a path to deep appreciation and understanding that allows us to amplify the resilience of our social/community fabric, generating more equitable opportunity, decentralized agency, and collective learning. We learn relational approaches to conflict within groups, including those that emerge both in immediate, intimate relationships as well as along intersections of race, class, gender, generation and other forms of diversity.

We explore identity as both an important site of inclusion and justice, and as a complex reality rooted in a long history of social construction and division, exploring how we can reclaim and honor together the stories that make up each of our lives, lineages, legacies and organizations.



September 26th – 29th, 2019
Thursday 2 pm – Sunday 4pm


The Watershed Center
44 Kaye Road
Millerton, NY 12546



Deadline is August 1st

Starting in 2019, Relational Culture 1 - Bonding and Relational Culture 2 - Embodying, are PRE-REQUISITES to attend this third training in the series. We also REQUIRE you attend this trainings in teams (at least two people) from your organization, community or movement.


If you’d like to apply for a scholarship, please apply to the training first, and then fill out this Scholarship Application.

Listen to Bridging practice: